Surprise/Love Hurts (a tree)

Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park
Eva, TN
The tree is about 1.5 miles in on a 5 mile hiking trail.



Thursday’s Doors

Jackson, TN



Thursday’s Doors/Too Much Fun

A poet at heart
Oh how I start
Seeing doors everywhere
Over here.  Over there.

Just a month’s worth of posts
And I want to boast
I love this camera thing
Both its creativity and bling

My birthday’s in September
I told my husband to remember
Maybe a Nikon for a gift
So through door pics I can sift

So thank you Norm 2.0
I just wanted you to know
My world I see all fresh and new
Doors do provide a wonderful view

Sprinkles and Seeds

Decided to be goofy this week.



Thursday’s Doors

Pleasant Plains Baptist Church, Jackson, TN

Green/Appalachian Trail

Nantahala, NC
Nantahala is a Cherokee word meaning Land of the Noonday Sun.



It IS Easy Being Green!

Atop (but ultimately, no)

Riverside Cemetery
Jackson, TN


Thursday’s Doors

Gardener’s Cottage
Darwin D. Martin House
Buffalo, NY

Shasta and Cleo



A Good Match

Photo Challenge/3 Attempts

Gulf Islands National Seashore/ Fort Pickens
North Park
Jackson, TN
Pinson Mounds State Park