Other Cars

Hazardous driving,
Is it me
or are the other cars
traveling really fast
while my license and
sleeps across the bed?


Autumn Crusade

Adrift in the October sky

Crescent sun
Afternoon trickster, a lunar prank
Waxing and waning control

A v of geese
Traffic honking, a southward
Autumn crusade

Blue bird, gray water
Dead air, green light
White supremacy, another fraud

Adrift in the October sky


Razzle Dazzle

The designated divine
pauses in a nebula of prayer
contemplating mythology
and moral razzle dazzle

The complexion of civilization
demands the whole of everyone
so devious and indelible
even a god may hesitate





Folding Tuesday’s starlight
Smoothing circumstance
Hand wash only
Dry flat
A closet cradling genius
Prisoner of wishes


Vanilla Wafers

There are a lot of gods besides GOD.
There were.
There are.
There will be.
And for today
I’ll eat 5 cookies.

Put It Together

Balsa wood airplane
Flat in the package
Put it together
Flimsy and doesn’t fly well
If it does remarkably fly across the room or yard
“Ooh” and “Aah” in wonder
Then the craft sits in a drawer
Or on a shelf (an imaginary hangar?)
Distant friendship


Heaven or hell?
Is that it?
Final victory left to
Minty fresh breath coated with fluoride
The scourge of a mouth of stinking rot.


Maybe you are acquainted with despair
An unruly affliction
My neighbor comes to borrow
I wonder, “will she ever go to the grocery?”


1 haiku/planet

Andromeda’s bright
And billion winking children–
We are not alone


It’s All Nonsense

Sketching birds and poetry
What a bunch of nonsense
Birds will perch on the railing
Poems will ink about the page
Whether I do anything at all
So what a bunch of nonsense

The bird, a propagandist of flight
A poem of nonconformity

The bird, a delusion for freedom
A poem for paradise

The bird, a mystery of strength
A poem of repetition

The bird, an adaptable stranger
A poem all seduced and pampered nuance


1 haiku/leaf

Autumn goldenrod
Evening devotional
Touched by King Midas


I Do Not Agree

No, no, no that’s not right at all
Not entrenched
No, not at all
The premise, slender loss
The action, irregular loss
The emotion, tenuous loss
There is no such thing as frail entrenchment
Just a mighty haze
Being pushed around in a baby carraige