Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #182

Winter junction     Birth
days     Death days     Virginity
lost     Revelry won
Singed by light     Kisses in the
cold     Times Square deep in midnight

1 tanka/varnish

Ancestor’s judgements
Some analogue picnic of
Churning the precarious
Starlit varnished winter dream


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #161

Bright Lady Lyra
Music among the starlight
Painted in the sky


Male painted bunting
Vivid Crayola dreamer
Sings for a lady


Lady Liberty
Welcomes a befuddled world
Painted by terror
Copper and steel stand ever
Hopeful in New York Harbor

First 7 Prompts/Atlanta Airport

Passengers scamper
Dash from T to B to D
Sail America
Pluck a ticket tethered by
Gravity and a tired quill


1 haiku/1 tanka/illusion

Run before sunrise
No neighbors, no illusion
Cultivated calm

Farmer’s market prize
Get there early or they’re gone
Black and purple gifts
Seedy, juicy illusion
Summer will last forever



Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #154

Deep brown eyes ready
No darkness in her soul, just
Alert and loyal

Morning ritual
Yawning deep in the cupboard
Gurgle, sputter, perk
No cream, no sugar, just black
Bitter darkness in my cup



Wish I was my cat
Afternoon oligarch of
Brown couch obstruction
Like the Russians say to Trump
Let’s do kibble and a nap

1 Haiku, 3 Tanka/Collaboration

Restless rhythmic world
Spinning in a galaxy
Of seasons and storms
Three hundred sixty five days
Endless collaboration

Maple in winter
Austere determination
For frugality
Dormant sleeping twig sculpture
Collaborating with sky

Autumn leaves drifting
Silent poets in frosty

Lush summer sentry
Collaboration of leaves
Confident maple
Monument for nests and shade
Breezy green celebration



Strawberry season
Sweet soul filling gift of May
Scarlet ambrosia
Spring preserved in eight ounce jars
Sticky sunshine and sugar

Final product



May 4 Morning/2 Tanka

Orange shirt running
Out my window in the rain
Bright green shirt for me
Neon bobbing on pavement
Rainy subdivision run

Devoted couples
Woodpeckers and cardinals
Art in black and red
Content to be side by side
In millet and thistle seed