Take Your Hat Off

Baseball cap
Trucker hat
Whatever you call that thing
On your head,
At the dinner table,
Take your hat off.

Whatever you call that thing
Regarding admiration and tradition,
At the dinner table,
Take your hat off.

Whatever you call that thing
My Marine daughter observed on leave,
At the dinner table,
Take your hat off.

Show some courtesy
Hold some regard
Observe some honor
Whatever you call that thing
My WWII Navy veteran father would expect,
At the dinner table,
Take your hat off.

Goodbye, April

Later will be May, so I will
Pause and reflect on April.

Prudent scientists marched as Trump is on the
Cusp of cutting funding for research and parks.  Thousands
Championed climate change while a few are still in
Denial, but those people are
Outliers in a tumultuous world that needs to
Heal from war, famine and assault.
Tenacious aid workers and others do not go
Blindly into situations.  Focus and help before it all

Pleased that Spring is in this hemisphere, arriving in a
Timely manner.  Take
Measure of good and sweet.  No time to be
Cranky as the flowers begin
Climbing the trellis.  A
Jolt of warmth pushes through
Opaque clouds and moods of late winter.
Chuckled as I read the menu at the ballgame Friday.
Fried Oreos and Twinkies will surely
Spike your sugar and cholesterol.
Harmony reigned as the hometown team won.
Avid fans cheered.

Zip through cable and turn
Gray as we discover the
Roots of lies about Russia.
Blanket statements that enrage or confuse the rest of the world leave us
Knackered, too.  Oh for the sweet
Perfume of truth.

Yarn for April is complete.  Brought to you by the letters C (5 words began with C) and P (4 words).


NaPoWriMo/1 Haiku, 1 Tanka

Spring spiders weave webs
Intricate nets catch dinner
Kitchen and cupboards

Designs etched on grass
Complex nocturnes of hard work
Sparkle and shimmer
Summer morning spider webs
Unexpected art on view


Per the NaPoWriMo prompt, my inspiration was a haiku by Kobayashi Issa.

Night Words

There is a gate where words wait
At the interlude of wake and sleep.
Jostling.  Shifting.
Disorderly.  They press forward.

Night words feel invincible
Flying away to hunt with Orion or
Sail with Argonauts.
The night word is brave and elusive.

Detect and intercept night words swiftly.
The common bedside notebook is the best snare.
The notebook will subdue the captives until dawn.
Night words are submissive in the morning.


Poem In Your Pocket Morning

Put this poem in your pocket, I say
He looks at me
Like you would look at some docile crazy person

My husband analyzes profit statements
not poems
My husband writes spreadsheets
not essays
My husband attends conferences
not readings

But, oh, he reads me
and slides the poem in his briefcase

3 Blankets/2 Haiku, 1 Tanka

Pink baby blanket
What happened to my sweet girl?
Marine deployment


Blanket statements hurt
Opinions could stay silent
Garbage covers truth


Editors will call
Time to put it to bed now
Newspaper presses
Rubber blanket transfers ink
Noisy machines churn paper
or, if you’re Trump, fake news
or, if you’re NYTimes, the truth


Thursday’s Doors

Jackson, TN
Old Jackson High School, closed about 1970 for desegregation.

I could not find “Boys”. The back of the building has been refurbished, so the boys section must have been removed.

NaPoWriMo Haiku

I do not like to title haiku, but if I were to put a title on this it would be Excess…except haiku and excess are a bit of an oxymoron.  Possibly I need a vacation, or a time out or a drink…

Excavate landfill remains
Modern day excess

3 Roots/3 Haiku

Tree roots above ground
Below is dark and wormy
Air and sun so sweet


Yellow haired man’s greed
Lies and deception abound
Root of the problem


Three strikes you are out
Excited fans fill bleachers
Root for the home team



Writing With A Sparrow

Hungry visitor
Sparrow in midmorning light
Thistle seed delight

Sunny day writing
Poetry for a sparrow
Freedom and kinship