2 haiku/local


Local hungry cat
Long and lean blue eyed vagrant
A lonely nuisance


Local bird hunter
Solitary vagabond
Gray house cat’s hero



1 haiku/1 tanka/illusion

Run before sunrise
No neighbors, no illusion
Cultivated calm

Farmer’s market prize
Get there early or they’re gone
Black and purple gifts
Seedy, juicy illusion
Summer will last forever



Commit/1 haiku

Rainy summer day
Every drip drop pledging
Untroubled whispers


Typing Class, 1979

No mistakes,
40 wpm got you an A
and was arbitrarily deemed the proper speed
for successful completion of term papers.

Reliably compliant,
the A was bestowed
and was arbitrarily deemed the proper grade
for successful completion of life.

It’s the misctakes giving me trouble.



Morning Glory

There was a girl.
Every summer morning she
would run to the trellis
with the peeling paint
to count morning glory blooms.

There was a girl.
Every summer morning she
would greet her mother
with a report on the number of flowers
on the trellis with the peeling paint.

There was a girl
whose entire world was no bigger
than her yard
and her mother’s approval.

She was a morning glory.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #154

Deep brown eyes ready
No darkness in her soul, just
Alert and loyal

Morning ritual
Yawning deep in the cupboard
Gurgle, sputter, perk
No cream, no sugar, just black
Bitter darkness in my cup


3 Haiku/Portulaca

Moss rose, how pretty
Growing in the hot, dry cracks
Of summer’s secrets

Rainbow in the heat
Double blossoms of smiling
Butterfly delight

Awake with sunlight
Summer patio blossoms
Snoozing with moonlight



Master Gardener

Plowing through another separation
the paragon of letting go
grows into some
silent master gardener
farming good-byes.
the dog and I walk
around the lake
thinking a tick might attach itself
and maybe want to stay.


Hoping For The Peculiar

I read a poem
whose words were “Hell’s night nurse”
as He’ll night nurse.

How strange, I imagined,
a man nursing.

But that is night’s curse,
isn’t it?
Hoping for the peculiar.


The line “Hell’s night nurse” is from “Uninvited Guest” by Charles Simic.

Three Little Spots

There are three little dots,
little dirty spots,
that are on the window
I sit near to watch the birds.

I cleaned the inside.
The three spots remained.

I cleaned the outside.
The three spots remained.

The three spots
are inside the glass,
stubbornly inaccessible.

We can replace the window,
my husband said.

No, the dirt is on the inside.
A good reminder.