The Sky is Fading

Is it me or
are the stars getting harder to see?

Is Orion retiring?
Ready for social security and a pension.
From who?
NASA?  God?

What of Cassiopeia, already upside down?
Has the vain queen tired of watching a
narcissist turn the world

Where is Ursa Major?
Hibernating?  Angry from
prowling the heavens, looking at us
fertilize, pesticize, plasticize.

When will Cygnus return?
Giving up immortality
who, now, would pursue
unselfishness, loyalty, generosity?

Why is Columba not with the Argonauts?
Looking for peace?  Sent to find a
land of harmony and tolerance?

If our sky is fading,
what of us?




2 thoughts on “The Sky is Fading”

    1. I have had this written for a couple of days. I went running one night and the stars seemed so faint…I am 53 and wondered if it was my eyes or just the world.

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