It’s All Nonsense

Sketching birds and poetry
What a bunch of nonsense
Birds will perch on the railing
Poems will ink about the page
Whether I do anything at all
So what a bunch of nonsense

The bird, a propagandist of flight
A poem of nonconformity

The bird, a delusion for freedom
A poem for paradise

The bird, a mystery of strength
A poem of repetition

The bird, an adaptable stranger
A poem all seduced and pampered nuance


One thought on “It’s All Nonsense”

  1. I like this. It triggers images in my head, standing on a pier taking photos of the birds because I sketch with my camera (not good enough with a pen) back when I lived in Calif. Then later jotting lines as the birds pop back into my mind.

    I think it’s that line “So what a bunch of nonsense” and the flowing words about the bird after that — for me, it’s about being totally in the present while creating poetry or sketches. Knowing it doesn’t matter makes you feel free to create whatever comes to mind but also being hyperaware of your environment as it feeds the creativity.

    I think a lot of times when we walk, we don’t pay attention, don’t see the bird. We get to where we are going but there is no poetry. Anyways that’s what this poem makes me think.

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