Cat Haiku Challenge

Enlightened loafer
Domesticated cynic
Suburban house cat

6 thoughts on “Cat Haiku Challenge”

  1. It’s not sideways on my end. WordPress does not translate Apple pics and automatically adjust them. Many other blogging platforms do translate/adjust. Since everything I own is Apple, I do not know which way it is sideways and can’t correct manually.

  2. Oh wow, so people on Apple see an upright pic and people on PCs see a sideways pic? I didn’t know that. Makes me wonder how my pics appear to Apple and other folks. I just assumed what I see is what you see.

    I used to have an apple for ages but when I needed a new computer, I didn’t have enough money for an apple and got a bargain PC. I miss my apple though. I used to have Final Cut Pro and could make little films.

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination…that is very kind. I am looking forward to checking out the other blogs you have mentioned. And now on the the questions…

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