Atlanta to Buffalo

What did people do
before they bought an iPhone?
Write a little po’m

At C fifty-five
Atlanta to Buffalo
MD eighty-eight


Outer Space above
Smoky Mountains below
Purgatory seat

Swirling clouds muffle
a frenetic Earth below
Horizon holds fast

At Kroger

The store was full of shiny balloons, decadent chocolates and lush bouquets in advance of Valentine’s Day.                           

My pocketbook was flush enough that I bought a plane ticket to visit my crush…of 29 years.

Honestly, it never gets old.

Love is all around
Under the helium
Standing resolutely in a pot
Hoping, expecting, to be chosen















Acrostic: Tremble

Tribal chief Reelfoot, named because he walked with a limp

Ruminated on needing a wife, so he traveled South to the land of the Choctaws.

Entranced by a Choctaw princess named Laughing Eyes, Reelfoot asked her father to have her in

Marriage.  The Choctaw chief refused.

But Reelfoot ignored the refusal and kidnapped Laughing Eyes to make her his wife.

Legend says that in the midst of the wedding celebration, the Great Spirit, angered by Reelfoot kidnapping Laughing Eyes, made the

Earth tremble and roll causing waves from the Mississippi River to form what is now Reelfoot Lake.


This is a well-known Indian legend told about the 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes in NW Tennessee.






We filter water

To be cleaner

Homogenized mass


What if I want some
Where do I go then?


10 across/10 down

NY Times 12/18/16

reliable profit source

after 28 years
pencil him in

not right
does not fit
erase him away

10 d
king of pop

got this
the earth moves under her feet

cash cow
my husband replaced by
a bovine


Camelot at 3 am

I woke up at 3 am and this is what came out:

Success is not a Camelot
Dreams can’t make it so
Failure is not some great big blot
Don’t treat it like a blow

I typed it into Notes on my phone, because I didn’t want to fumble around in the dark for a pen.

Huh.  Hmmm.  Honestly.

I generally do not rhyme…
at anything.

Not Someday…Everyday




I imagine that everyday, pretty much everywhere, there are parents helping children get ready for school.
There is breakfast to make,
Coats to zip up
And hugs filled with optimism to push us out the door.

I imagine that everyday, pretty much everywhere, we are all the same, really.  We long for:
Safe shelter,
Wholehearted love
And enduring security to push us out the door.

I imagine that everyday, pretty much everywhere, there are bankers, brokers, analysts, teachers, nurses and assistants riding a train, a cab or a bus,
Trying to make a difference
Or a contribution to push us out the door.

Push us out the door
To each other
To peace
To grace
To understanding,
Because everyday there is hope, not just someday.


November 30, 2016


The house creaks in the wind.

I wonder what the rafters feel.

One night during a fierce storm, lightning all around, Ron shares his observation that our house is the tallest house in the neighborhood.

It is not the largest house square footage-wise, but undoubtedly has the tallest peaks.  This fact is not exactly comforting during a lightning storm.

Our conformist, suburban, white brick house has, however, up to this point anyway, provided shelter.

The wind travels down the road and buffets the facade.  Yet, the house seems to lean in, at the very least, stand resolutely.  And the rafters creak.

The dog and I look at each other.  Alone inside, like the wind outside.


The house creaks in wind
Wonder what the rafters feel
Alone like the wind

Wind storm all around
Not exactly comforting
And the rafters creak

Conformist brick house
Lean in  Stand resolutely
Alone like the wind

Suburban white brick
Undoubtedly the tallest
And the rafters creak

Provide a shelter
Not exactly comforting
Like the wind outside

Worried dog looks up
Spirit companions at home
Alone like the wind