Can’t Outrun My Dog

Outrun tv facebook and twitter
What are zombies but
521 bestest closest friends
posting questionable videos
on a little blue bird

Outrun insanity ignorance and politics
Wonder at diversity   open the gait
Marvel at accomplishment   in a hijab
Lace up a strong spirit
Pin on a vivid goal

Outrun fatigue worry and doubt
Mysterious how expending energy invigorates
Certainty seeps in as sweat pours out
Honor belief   in all forms
A starting line is nothing but hope

Can’t outrun my dog
Four legs are better than two
Effortless jubilant unflagging enthusiastic
Never questioning
Our glorious contentious throbbing world belongs to us all

My Mother’s Name

I cannot run and cry
I tried
In a 5K to benefit breast cancer research
Names of women lined the road
Some survivors
Some not
My mother’s name among them

I cannot run and cry
I tried

Fortunate Twelve

Conquer that most human trait of putting a
Label on everyone and everything.
Minimal thought or action is required to gain
Acceptance into the mainstream, which is a
Symptom of laziness or apathy.  Probably both.
Ordinary may be safe or dull, but not
Meaningless, because we need a benchmark to see a
Symbiosis between madness and reason.
Purple is just red and blue after all.  Colors are an
Elixir few understand in the effort to stake out a
Territory of aspirations, because it is not about earning a
Fortune, but being fortunate.

2 Haiku/Home Territory

Open the back door
Morning sky in Tennessee
Pink territory




Shasta and Cleo
Home is their territory
Friends sharing a world


I’ll be a ghost someday
she promised   I don’t know
maybe she was always one
translucent turned inside out  so
I could not see her anyway
She left nothing real
except ashes and cold smoke

Just my luck.




Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #140

Distant cloud flashes
Shouts of luminosity
The still night air twists


Defiant clouds twist
Riotous, developing
Storm makes nature shout

Words for March

Hesitate for just a second and, poof,

Doubt will seep in and diminish the

Desire to save those quixotic observations and

Parlay each poetic vision into a

Vivid, technicolor creation that would

Swarm and swirl with whimsy and song, but you

Ruminate, don’t you?

Nervous about displaying your soul,

Nuance, innuendo and those crazy whispers your hope hisses is all a bunch of

Abstract garbage if you can’t get it down on paper.



Feathered Jazz

Blackbirds strut and groove

Sparrows improvise with chords

Mourning doves croon soul

Nuanced riffs to serenade

The sweet interlude of Spring




Acrostic: Nervous/Northern Cardinals


I was going to try to take a really awesome shot of the cardinals that come to my deck to feed, but, hey, you know, what, this is way more what my life is actually like.

Nests of twigs hold a clutch of
Eggs, speckled brown
Residents, year round
Vibrant red males mean a healthy mate
Often territorial
Unique two-parted song that both will sing
Sunflower seeds are their favorite thing

Northern Cardinals
Edgy and excitable
Represent a
Very many state bird
Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia to name a few
United State’s sports teams also include the bird
St. Louis Cardinals for baseball and Arizona Cardinals for football




Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #139

Blue grackle perches

Yellow eyed king of the deck

Black winged day tripper