Feathered Jazz

Blackbirds strut and groove

Sparrows improvise with chords

Mourning doves croon soul

Nuanced riffs to serenade

The sweet interlude of Spring




Acrostic: Nervous/Northern Cardinals


I was going to try to take a really awesome shot of the cardinals that come to my deck to feed, but, hey, you know, what, this is way more what my life is actually like.

Nests of twigs hold a clutch of
Eggs, speckled brown
Residents, year round
Vibrant red males mean a healthy mate
Often territorial
Unique two-parted song that both will sing
Sunflower seeds are their favorite thing

Northern Cardinals
Edgy and excitable
Represent a
Very many state bird
Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia to name a few
United State’s sports teams also include the bird
St. Louis Cardinals for baseball and Arizona Cardinals for football




Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #139

Blue grackle perches

Yellow eyed king of the deck

Black winged day tripper

Acrostic: Doubt

Hesitate on 3/1 and Doubt on 3/2.  Seems that someone at WordPress is having an existential crisis.  Or is March simply the month of uncertainty and ambivalence?

Does the moon scud across the sky
Or is it the clouds
Under some lusty spell
Belaying horizontally
Through my fanciful universe?

Speeding Tickets



At 4, she would bolt across the street.
“Look both ways!”  I called.

First day of school, watching that blonde head,
She never looked back.

Basketball, cross country
Always striving.

Half marathon,
A metaphor, of course she placed.

We bought her a car.
Speeding tickets.

Job during college.
Got promoted.

She never hesitated.
Not that I could see.

“Fly, be free!” I used to say.
She enlisted.




Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #138

Whispers in the dark

Can hold the softest secret

But burn the air black


Entry 2/Daily Prompt/Center

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/center/”>Center</a>

Reclining Buddha
Meditation cast in bronze
Nirvana on view?

A Restless Sunday Night

Running on leaves
In the woods.
Hit my head on a tree.
Is my forehead bleeding?
Woke up at 1:03 a.m.

Labrador Retreivers
Jumping midweek

Spring rain
4 a.m.
The dog pees

This last one, I think I have been reading too much Kerouac.

Early Flight

Something comfortable
Old friends in a long marriage

You say
We can do anything

There is nothing
In that anything
I want

Everything turns
To no-thing
When your plane leaves at 6 am

Haiku/Prompt: Slur

Early Spring arrives
Buds on the maple tree swell
A slur to Winter