Acrostic: Squat

Spiny spheres
Quietly squat
Under the light
A pin cushion of barbs
That has the nickname “horse crippler”

Buffalo Botanic Garden
Also called Barrel Cactus


Chirping at the Galleria


There’s a sparrow in Walden Galleria.
A black throat with a cheerful song
Smiling at shoppers on a winter afternoon.


Photo Challenge/3 Attempts

Gulf Islands National Seashore/ Fort Pickens
North Park
Jackson, TN
Pinson Mounds State Park


Atlanta to Buffalo

What did people do
before they bought an iPhone?
Write a little po’m

At C fifty-five
Atlanta to Buffalo
MD eighty-eight


Outer Space above
Smoky Mountains below
Purgatory seat

Swirling clouds muffle
a frenetic Earth below
Horizon holds fast

At Kroger

The store was full of shiny balloons, decadent chocolates and lush bouquets in advance of Valentine’s Day.                           

My pocketbook was flush enough that I bought a plane ticket to visit my crush…of 29 years.

Honestly, it never gets old.

Love is all around
Under the helium
Standing resolutely in a pot
Hoping, expecting, to be chosen















Yep, I Heard You

When I was 27, and newly promoted to branch manager, I was quietly ushered to an office, door shut, to be told that I probably would not close on as many loans or accounts as my peers, because, well, I was a woman and “people like to discuss finances with men.”

Yep, I heard you.

When I was 31, and thinking of posting for a promotion to a position in the mortgage department, I was told by the bank president himself that I “did not have the right body parts.”

Yep, I heard you.

When I was 51, and running in my neighborhood one lovely, sunny morning, I was laughed at by a male neighbor and was told what a waste of time running was. Sneering as he drove away, he called out, “go, go, go!”

Yep, I heard you.

Last night U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren was stopped from reading a letter by Coretta Scott King during hearings for the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for AG.  Senator Warren was “impugning” Senator Sessions.

Yep, I heard you.

Who is impugning who?  And I have one more… should not write this, but I am angry, frustrated and embarrassed by our government right now…my daughter is a United States Marine.  Females make up just 7% of the USMC, but you know what? Those female Marines may help save our collective ass some day, and I bet no one will turn them away then.



Acrostic: Tremble

Tribal chief Reelfoot, named because he walked with a limp

Ruminated on needing a wife, so he traveled South to the land of the Choctaws.

Entranced by a Choctaw princess named Laughing Eyes, Reelfoot asked her father to have her in

Marriage.  The Choctaw chief refused.

But Reelfoot ignored the refusal and kidnapped Laughing Eyes to make her his wife.

Legend says that in the midst of the wedding celebration, the Great Spirit, angered by Reelfoot kidnapping Laughing Eyes, made the

Earth tremble and roll causing waves from the Mississippi River to form what is now Reelfoot Lake.


This is a well-known Indian legend told about the 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes in NW Tennessee.





Beauty. Marks.



When I was a girl, maybe 9 or 10 yrs. old, I confided to my grandmother that I liked to wear long sleeved shirts to cover my arms, because I was embarrassed by the many moles dotting my forearms.

“Oh no, those aren’t moles,” she explained. “They are beauty marks, so you must be one of the most beautiful girls at school.”

I still carry the innocence and tenderness of this exchange with me.

And I wear short sleeved shirts.

My grandmother’s wedding
50th wedding anniversary

Traveling Exhibit/Discovery Park of America

There is a jewel sitting in a field in Union City, TN.  To describe the area as rural would be a misnomer…is there a word for more than rural?  If so, it alludes me, but it does not matter…

The grounds are beautiful, the main Discovery Center building is full of light, dinosaurs and hands-on exhibits and the staff is welcoming.  If you are visiting Memphis, TN or the surrounding area, especially if you have children, go…

I went (alas, no children) to see the traveling exhibit entitled Da Vinci Machines.

Exhibit Da Vinci Machines
Discovery Park of America

Da Vinci’s robotics.

One of Da Vinci’s designs studying human flight.

A study in geometric design.  My favorite…sit and follow the lines… a sort of meditation.

Discovery Park of America is a mini Smithsonian plunked down in a corn field. Adjust your expectations that it may not be worth the drive…it is…it is a fabulous way to spend a Saturday.


That beautiful blonde head is shipped around the world by acronyms that even if I know what they stand for, I will never understand what they really mean.


How is it I can be so proud, yet feel like I have been kicked in the gut?

Why is there this overwhelming compulsion to hold on, but I open my arms and let her go?

A force called orders pulls her along and all I can do is stand in the parking lot and try to breathe.