Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #146


Behold spring oceans
Puddles of Sunday showers
Worms eye cautiously


Nasturtium seeds sprout
Behold red summer jewels
Optimistic eye

Elevenie by Ron/Rootbeer

Fizz, froth
Lips, teeth, tongue
My mouth says Awh

My husband’s inspiration on a napkin.


4 Elevenie for World Book Day

What I am reading today.

Dreams verse
Art on paper
Emotion and illusion elevate

Creative typist
Life is fiction
Enchantment and suspense commence

Life’s narrator
Tragedy and comedy
Plot and scenario entwine

Reports news
Hopefully the facts
Cable news and interviews

Now You Dear Things Grow/Earth Day 2017

Now you dear things grow
said my mother after planting
holly hocks, bachelor buttons and anemone.
What funny names, thought Little Girl me.
Now you dear things write
said NaPoWriMo asking for a georgic,
a poem about agriculture or rural affairs.
Don’t know much about agriculture,
though I hear it’s called Monsanto now.
Rural for me is more suburban.
I think my husband is afraid if we own
some land I’ll morph into a reclusive
goatdogunicorncat lady
though I hear unicorns are owned by Starbucks now.
I can write about affairs, though.
Not those, get out of the bedroom
and into the dirt.
You know, that soil we supposedly all return to,
though I don’t see how, as many are encased
in cement in land that is becoming a
whole lot more scarce than death.

A Host of Golden Daffodils by Wordsworth
was recited so often by my mother
Little Girl me thought it was written exactly for
the hill full of daffodils just before the
bend that led to Mansfield State College,
which I read the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
is considering closing, because apparently
no one wants to go to college next to a hill
with a host of daffodils.

But the annual chant was
Now you dear things grow
by my mother
and grandmother
and great grandmother.
Or was it a command?
All three women, tempered dictators.
Now you dear things grow
probably was a firm decree.

My mother proclaimed
me hyper-sensitive and overly empathetic.
Inferior traits
that turned my voice of
Now you dear things grow
into a wish or hope
maybe a request, if I’m feeling bold.
There is a bias toward nurturing and
tending possibility.
To plant, to peer over the soil each morning
with ephemeral anticipation is mine.
Big Girl me says
Now you dear things grow.
It is more than a whisper.

Now you dear things grow.
Now more than ever.
Mercy and grace.
Restraint and forbearance.
Kinship and connectedness.
Now more than ever.
We can grow!
We can grow!
We can grow!



Fully Equipped

I wish I could drive
Said the snail in my garage
A shell instead of steel
Antennas replace GPS
Chews on my pansy blossoms for fuel
This snail comes fully equipped!


I Woke Up

I dreamt I was falling
Someone let go of my left hand
It was a long, long fall
I knew
And relaxed
I laid sideways
Enjoying the rushing air around me

I’m falling, I thought
And woke up with a jolt.

I dreamt I was running
Someone let go of my left leg
It was a long, long road
I knew
And relaxed
I ran upright
Enjoying the cool breeze around me

I’m running, I thought
And woke up with a jolt.

I dreamt I was writing
Someone let go of my brain
It was a long, long story
I knew
And relaxed
I sat in a chair
Enjoying the stillness around me

I’m writing, I thought
And woke up with a jolt.

I dreamt I was alive
Someone let go
It was a long, long life
I knew
And relaxed
I experienced so much
Enjoying the diversity around me

I’m alive, I thought
And woke up with a smile.


On Loan

Shh…listen closely
Crunching and cracking of seeds
Satisfied sparrow


Mourning doves bully
Finches and sparrows scurry
Great feathered flurry
Another morning ruckus
My deck on loan to the birds


Moss (x4)

Primordial moss
Area rug for the trail
Easter Sunday hike

Moss and rock
Green and agate
Five miles on Sunday

Spring green moss
Cushions the trail
Sunday hike

Green carpet


Nocturne Haiku

If each star a sun
How many moons orbiting
In measured quiet?


You Gave Them To Me

It’s better to descend than ascend.

So first you must reach the top and claim victory.

Nope, victory is overrated.
Besides, who says victory is at the summit?

I agree “summit” is a state of mind; however, the high road provides the best view.

The high road is windy and cold.  Stay below for the bright forsythia and green moss.

There is great comfort in closeness and confined quarters, but it is the horizon that provides direction and is best viewed from an apex position.

The sun rises just over the deck.  No reason to worry about that pesky horizon.

Some see the horizon nearer than others.  The sun rises and starts new each day, climbing high in the sky and only setting when it is time to rest; until rising again.  Climb, Sun.

I see the sunrise on the deck.
The moon, too.
You know why?
Because you gave them to me.
All of them.
Sun, clouds, wind, stars…
All mine.
From you.
Time to climb in bed…