Distilled Marathon


Saturday morning was spent in my pajamas drinking coffee and eating a pecan praline cupcake given to me by my daughter’s best friend as a thank you for doing alterations on 4 pairs of jeans given to her by her grandma as a Christmas gift.

I embarked on a marathon session of reading many weeks of the New York Times magazines and Book Reviews.  Since Sept. 25 I had neatly and chronologically stacked the inserts, promising myself I would thoroughly and methodically (is there any other way for me?) peruse through them.

I can not just glance through the book reviews.  I can not “glance” through these reviews any more than the tide can cease from rolling in, Trump can stop tweeting or my dog can stop herself from chasing a tennis ball.  I read every word, even the ads, and I cut out the reviews of books I would like to read.  I have started to limit myself to 3 cut outs per week, as like my mother longingly said at the Elmira (NY) Public Library when I was a girl, “It makes me sad to realize I can not possibly read every book here.”

On Jan. 1, I had a car accident (that day was a marathon!).  “The Undoing Project” by Michael Lewis was tucked under the passenger seat along with an umbrella and first aid kit.  My Nissan Murano was deemed “an obvious total loss,” yet I am mourning the loss of the book.  The book was left with my umbrella and the first aid kit, which somehow seems symbolic, as books can do both, shelter and heal.

Here are the distilled book reviews.  4 hours and 10 minutes later, and there is a baked pear recipe in there, too.  I had to stop at the Nov. 6 editions as the morning had passed.  Another Saturday, perhaps…

“Oh, hmm, tomorrow is Sunday,” I say to the dog.  The marathon will continue…

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