Two Nouns Walk Into A Bar

On a Saturday evening in mid-June at a Burgatory in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA the most remarkable fortune ever was astonishingly bestowed on me.

Now, maybe, at the time, I thought this was so magical, because it came after a Morty’s Steakhouse burger, a margarita and an Eclair Don’t Care hard shake, which was waaay sweet and I would probably not order again.  Full disclosure:  I have had more margaritas than meat in the past few years, so perhaps I was meat drunk.

Or not.  Because I still think this was a way cool fortune sans margarita or meat.

An explanation should not be necessary as to why this fortune was so remarkable, astonishing or magical, but just in case you missed it– because I get to fill in my own blanks.  Now, spare me the “we make our own destiny” crap.  Please, let’s not get into a self-direction/freedom discussion.  This was magic.  This was power.  I was the tyrant, the dictator, the ruler of…myself.

I know God gave us free will.  I know Karma may accumulate and things will happen.  I know the Magna Carta allowed freemen to have peaceful and free “privileges.”  And I know the U.S. Constitution allows us to pursue happiness and free speech.  Yet this “fill in the blanks” fortune has some sort of mystical power given by an unseen, omnipotent oracle none of us Earth-bound mortals will ever understand.

Just so you know where I’m coming from.

But, holy crap, what about those blanks?  I needed a verb, an adjective and two nouns.  Two!  Four blanks– all mine.  Who knew owning emptiness was so wonderful.  I was fully embracing these blanks, gaps and voids in my future.

You will find a warm spirit under your smile.

You will build a strong love under your soul.

You will foster a kind heart under your love.

You will create a steady loyalty under your direction.

You will remember a sweet memory under your heart.

You will work an amazing miracle under your conduct.

You will keep a hidden secret under your gaze.

But the winner is:

You will witness a kinder world under your attitude.

It is all in your (my) attitude.

Be kind/get kind back.  And if I do not get kind back, be kind some more anyway.

Be tolerant/get tolerant back.  And if I do not get tolerance back, be tolerant some more anyway.

Smile/get a smile back.  And if I do not get a smile back, smile some more anyway.

A kind, positive attitude can be hard.  It can be scary.  It can be emotionally draining.  But then one day you may go to Burgatory and realize you get to write your own fortune–

how do you want that to be?

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