Saturdays Are…

Saturdays are gloomy, gotta get it done, because it is going to rain days.  The sign tells me it is a 5 miles at a “low degree of difficulty” day.

Saturdays are for thinking of the summer evenings when the park is full of sweaty soccer players and their cheering, over involved parents.  There is an aliveness and striving in the park during soccer season.  Not so this morning.  At a breezy, 38*F there were just a couple runners and an earnest robin.

Saturdays are supposed to be for enjoying this run, on this morning, training to feel this pavement and breathing this air.  Hmm, I have been thinking about next Saturday’s 8 miler all this week.  It is 8 weeks until the Indy Mini, so it is time for an 8 mile run.

Next Saturday’s run is looming and resolute on the training plan, on the roads of the neighborhood and in my brooding mind.

Saturdays are a “low degree of difficulty” day.  It is on the sign.  It must be true.

There is a space, you know, between uncertainty and for sure.  You can pause to be powerful when you push aside intimidation.  Realize you “get to,” not just “have to,” and freedom will grow.  Maybe that is what Saturdays are for, a sign pointing to certainty and freedom, because the road is just 8 miles long.

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