Fridays Are…

This is a “companion” piece to my weekly “Saturdays Are…” posts, because I double dipped of sorts this week, and my long run in preparation for the Indy Mini was shifted to Friday.

Fridays are…for waiting.
Friday morning marked the 72 hour mark for waiting time for acceptance of an article I had written.  It was raining, so I had to put off the 8 mile run I had been dreading for almost 2 weeks even longer.

Fridays are…(well, at least this Friday) for St. Patrick’s Day.  When I finally did go out for my run, I wore my old, green running shoes, because, well, they were green.  Bright green.  And old.  And I ended up with a blister on my left foot, so no luck for me on St. Patrick’s Day.

Fridays are…for remembering the advice “if you think you can, you are right.”  At 4:15 pm it was a breezy 66*F.  I started running.  I had water and sport beans ready.  I simply ran my neighborhood’s blocks, cul-de-sacs, park and straightaways.  Even with 3 driveway water stops, my pace was 11:35/mile, so I was satisfied.

Just a few more long runs left.






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