Thursday’s Doors

Jackson, TN
Old Jackson High School, closed about 1970 for desegregation.

I could not find “Boys”. The back of the building has been refurbished, so the boys section must have been removed.

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Doors”

  1. Just wondered why the photos are always sidesways. Are they from an iPhone. Mine sometimes loads them that way and I have to turn them before posting.

    Interesting that the school was never reopened. And what happened to “Boys?” 🙂


    1. So you are seeing them sideways…interesting. I post on a Mac and used to have to turn them, but then it seemed to auto correct itself. Yes, WordPress has not updated like some other platforms, so iPhone pics will appear correctly. Thanks for telling me.

    1. Thanks for commenting. We wondered what happened to the “Boys”door, too. We drove around the building, but the back has had some brick work removed, so no boys for this building!

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