Goodbye, April

Later will be May, so I will
Pause and reflect on April.

Prudent scientists marched as Trump is on the
Cusp of cutting funding for research and parks.  Thousands
Championed climate change while a few are still in
Denial, but those people are
Outliers in a tumultuous world that needs to
Heal from war, famine and assault.
Tenacious aid workers and others do not go
Blindly into situations.  Focus and help before it all

Pleased that Spring is in this hemisphere, arriving in a
Timely manner.  Take
Measure of good and sweet.  No time to be
Cranky as the flowers begin
Climbing the trellis.  A
Jolt of warmth pushes through
Opaque clouds and moods of late winter.
Chuckled as I read the menu at the ballgame Friday.
Fried Oreos and Twinkies will surely
Spike your sugar and cholesterol.
Harmony reigned as the hometown team won.
Avid fans cheered.

Zip through cable and turn
Gray as we discover the
Roots of lies about Russia.
Blanket statements that enrage or confuse the rest of the world leave us
Knackered, too.  Oh for the sweet
Perfume of truth.

Yarn for April is complete.  Brought to you by the letters C (5 words began with C) and P (4 words).


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, April”

    1. Thanks for commenting. I did not participate in many of April’s prompts due to NaPoWriMo and freelance opportunities, so I made up for my laziness today.

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