Blonde Factor

No, this is not the start of some dumb blonde joke.

Or maybe it is– a sort of genetic joke at my expense.

And I do mean expense.  $1380 to be exact.  Placed on a Master Card that may never be paid off, so the true life cost could possibly be…I don’t wanna know.  For an eye exam and 2 pair of glasses both of which have Crizel brand coating and polarization and no line bifocals.  AND probably some other stuff I let the guy talk me into that I don’t remember now.

This extortionist, I mean eye doctor, told me I have “Blonde Factor.”  Which I already knew, although the other doctor called it “Albino Eyes.”   Basically there is no color in my retina, which is in the back of the eye to receive light.  No color in the retina can cause light sensitivity, also called photophobia.

People with light color eyes may experience more light sensitivity than people with darker colored eyes, because they, the dark colored eyes, have more pigment to protect against harsh light.

MAY experience light sensitivity?!  Please.  Since childhood I have squinted so hard on a sunny day my cheeks ache.  It’s like I am standing next to a Super Nova– and that is with sunglasses on.

People with “Blonde Factor” may also experience:

  • strabismus– “lazy” eye       (yep)
  • photophobia–  light sensitivity       (yep)
  • impaired vision–  myopia or hyperopia      (yep)
  • astigmatism– either the cornea is irregularly shaped or the curvature of the lens is not right.          (yep)

Yep, that is where the aforementioned genetic joke comes in.

Oh well.  I can see–  really, really well in my really, really expensive glasses that I will be wearing for a really, really long time–  at least until the Master Card is paid off.


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