Tupelo Honey

Sweet, the craft of ghosts
the ocean’s hiss
the creaky oak
the novel’s plot.

What funny semantics,
the smell of love poems near
Tupelo honey.

Sticky, like lopsided circumspect.

How droll
the overcast, just a
siege of whitewash
under the sanctimonious blue.





Cranky Origami

The wind gossiping
to the tree,
“Your dried leaves are cranky origami.”

The sun complaining
to the moon,
“You’re only half the orb you used to be.”

The lake thumps
to the bank,
“Spitter spatter.  Rub a dub.
Tittle tattle.  Damn, you’re cold.”


1 tanka/varnish

Ancestor’s judgements
Some analogue picnic of
Churning the precarious
Starlit varnished winter dream


1 haiku/saintly

Mossy stone angel
Cemetery concierge
Folk culture mercy



Midway to extraordinary is
a misunderstood antidote
for nonsense.

Relocation, dislocation, circumnavigation are
subtitles for reuniting
disintegrating cooperation.

Disturb context.
You understand where I’m going?

Fly, darling, fly
where ever the prefixes


1 haiku/patina

Rusty calm
Dried suburban hush
Autumn patina




Week 3/Cat Haiku Challenge

Cat in a shoe box
Size eleven good enough
Sunny morning nap

Lake Side

The lake’s side has become neglect
and the untamed field yields to
seedy, frosty October.
A week ago
there was a harvest riot of milkweed,
goldenrod and thistle seed.
The marigolds look tired.
But here there is a grateful, cheery chickadee.
Good morning.




1 Haiku/Prefer

Chilly autumn breeze
Rolling errant paper cup
Prefers freedom’s lot




2 Haiku/Surreal

Vigilant sentry
Stalwart suburban bijou
The neighbor’s porch light


Hazy autumn lake
Spirited morning mistress
Restraint disappears