Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #147

Impatient spring toad
Squishy, throbbing visitor
Waiting at my door
Ready to leap in the house
Does he think he’s invited?

Constellations throb
Flickering stories nightly
Celestial screenplay
On an inky canopy
Moonlight heroes leap and live

Fat cat takes a leap
Startled field mouse ducks and throbs
Feline summer lunch
Cat leaps
Mouse throbs

Fiction In The Car

Drove right by the store
Forgot my destination
Foggy brain dreaming
Characters and narration
Plotting fiction in the car


On Loan

Shh…listen closely
Crunching and cracking of seeds
Satisfied sparrow


Mourning doves bully
Finches and sparrows scurry
Great feathered flurry
Another morning ruckus
My deck on loan to the birds


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #144

Simple childhood game
I spy with my little eye
Innocent wonder


A thousand sequins
Shimmer in the deep dark sky
The stars must wonder
As they spy on earth below
Why heaven hangs so very high

Feathered Jazz

Blackbirds strut and groove

Sparrows improvise with chords

Mourning doves croon soul

Nuanced riffs to serenade

The sweet interlude of Spring