Maze/1 Haiku

Morning glory pot
Maze of skinny green tendrils
Growing summer blooms



Spring rain at midnight
Dog snoring in syllables
Comforting duet

Pink Poems/3 Forms

Pink feathered flamingos
Flamboyant flocks of
Freakishly flexible figures
Furnishing fortunes of the fringe

Buoyant, drifting gem
Slipping, rising from the mud
Pink lotus flower

Barbies dressed in pink
Strawberry shortcake with cream
Dreams of little girls
Discovering their freedom
Uniform red, white and blue



The Sky is Fading

Is it me or
are the stars getting harder to see?

Is Orion retiring?
Ready for social security and a pension.
From who?
NASA?  God?

What of Cassiopeia, already upside down?
Has the vain queen tired of watching a
narcissist turn the world

Where is Ursa Major?
Hibernating?  Angry from
prowling the heavens, looking at us
fertilize, pesticize, plasticize.

When will Cygnus return?
Giving up immortality
who, now, would pursue
unselfishness, loyalty, generosity?

Why is Columba not with the Argonauts?
Looking for peace?  Sent to find a
land of harmony and tolerance?

If our sky is fading,
what of us?




Temporary Acrobat

Little moth at the streetlight
Pretending to be giant
Throwing shade on a spring night
Temporary Mothra
Flitting and flapping
A nocturnal acrobat



Welcome Valued Customer

Organic apples for non-organic cashiering
Fair trade coffee for a roasted bit of soul
Welcome valued customer
Scan and bag
Made of 10% post consumer waste
Debit or credit
Insert or swipe
Barcodes or chips
Bitter change

Please return carts here



Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #148

Clouds and stars racing
West to east over the plain
Moonlight flickers fast

Plain feathered swimmers
Summer rain brings mockingbirds
Puddles dry up fast

Winter on the plain
Frozen horizon endures
Months long fast from warmth

Words You Left Me

I have written
the words
that you left me.

Maybe you
were saving them
to grow more.

How does that
planting words?

A packet of
word seeds
and sun.

I have written
the words
that you left me.

Exposed/1 Haiku

Hope hangs in the sky
Tiny elegant whispers
Exposed and countless


All the Talkers

“You need to be a better communicator.”
Not tried.
Rolling your eyes and crossing your arms is not the best action, though it certainly seems to communicate.

Had lunch with 20 women.
Memphis Women’s March in January.
The woman across from me talked while
we walked to the march,
talked during the march,
talked through lunch.
The woman across from me

“You don’t say very much, do you?”
She talked some more.
Was going to answer something
about someone has to listen.
She kept on talking.

Someone has to listen.

Someone has to listen.