3 haiku/Spicy

Autumn too early
Cicadas and black horseflies
Still buzzing for June

Spiderweb hazard
Spicy words for architect
Thick and sticky threads

Citrus summer sun
Spicy smell of forest air
Lifts a tangy mood


Garbage Day

Chicken bones amble in the garbage
Hope after Friday night.

Over due or under done
Protein for nobody.

Where does my neighbor’s garbage go when the wind blows?
In my yard.

Art, a rambling euphemism
Of originality.

Someone should have invented it by now.


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #161

Bright Lady Lyra
Music among the starlight
Painted in the sky


Male painted bunting
Vivid Crayola dreamer
Sings for a lady


Lady Liberty
Welcomes a befuddled world
Painted by terror
Copper and steel stand ever
Hopeful in New York Harbor