Entry 2/Daily Prompt/Center

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Reclining Buddha
Meditation cast in bronze
Nirvana on view?

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

Went to the Darwin D. Martin House in Buffalo, NY today.  I have been to the Price Tower in Bartlesville, OK, the Stanley Rosenbaum House in Florence Al and Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA.  I seem to be evolving into a Wright aficionado.  The four buildings I have toured all translate as living works of art, still modern and relevant.


Darwin D. Martin House
Built in 1905


Traveling Exhibit/Discovery Park of America



There is a jewel sitting in a field in Union City, TN.  To describe the area as rural would be a misnomer…is there a word for more than rural?  If so, it alludes me, but it does not matter…

The grounds are beautiful, the main Discovery Center building is full of light, dinosaurs and hands-on exhibits and the staff is welcoming.  If you are visiting Memphis, TN or the surrounding area, especially if you have children, go…

I went (alas, no children) to see the traveling exhibit entitled Da Vinci Machines.

Exhibit Da Vinci Machines
Discovery Park of America

Da Vinci’s robotics.

One of Da Vinci’s designs studying human flight.

A study in geometric design.  My favorite…sit and follow the lines… a sort of meditation.

Discovery Park of America is a mini Smithsonian plunked down in a corn field. Adjust your expectations that it may not be worth the drive…it is…it is a fabulous way to spend a Saturday.