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In the world of online marketing, social media and mobile advertising are evolving at an unbelievable speed. Consider these statistics: 2012 US Digital Media Usage report as published by eMarketer concludes internet users in the U. S. will grow by 3. 1% to 239 million, representing 75. 6% of the country’s population. As per the report, “Smartphone users will reach to 106. 7 million in 2012, up 18. 4% from 2011. ” Amongst social networking sites, Facebook U. S. user base will increase to 143. 4 million in 2012 from that of 132. 5 million in 2011.

Social media has created ripples in human society. Almost everyone seems to be either browsing Facebook or twitter, searching for news, exchanging information, chatting with friends or checking comprar iptv. out photos. Event organizers have already started getting great sales results through the usage of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and such other social networking websites. The smallest of businesses have gone beyond the Google search channel by creating accounts on popular social media platforms.

Online marketing has gained tremendous popularity because of the change in consumer preference. Social media innovations have led people to know more about a product or service by easily searching, discussing or sharing information with friends and families. Furthermore, mobile devices have given access to a number of options previously unknown to people. For example, companies can now send multiple promotional ads or website links on the target audience’s mobile device to let them instantly view the same. It leads to an immediate call to action and provides enough room for enhanced product sales and high revenues.

Online marketers can get an opportunity to highlight their brand value and meet individual customer needs (whether B2B or B2C) via social media and mobile gadgets such as Smartphone, tablet Pcs, laptops, and so on.

Nowadays, searchers use social media not only to find what they are looking for, but to actively interact through commenting, rating, and participating in an online discussion. Companies can post their product(s) details, event schedules, etc. on their social networking profile page to let millions of users see, comment, and share the posts with others. In this way, marketers can exploit the potentiality of the social networking platforms to reach out to maximum number of people in a short span of time. These sites indeed help in creating a pre-event buzz at an affordable rate!

Organizations should design and frame effective content to persuade the target groups to attend their meeting or conference. Share the bulk of the content with your fans and followers by using social publishing platforms. It is also very easy to create and share content via Cloud-based mobile applications.

Social commerce is emerging as the next big thing in social media. A growing number of people are using these online channels to shop and transfer money via credit cards, PayPal, and more. Facebook is the most popular social commerce platform right now. Mike Fauscette, Analyst, IDC Consulting believes, “In three to five years, 10 percent to 15 percent of total consumer spending in developed countries may go through sites such as Facebook. ” Google is also making some significant investment in this area, as we see Google turning its homepage into a dynamic social commerce platform.

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