Distance Learning Online – Proving Flexibility in Learning Options

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Distance Learning Online – Proving Flexibility in Learning Options
Distance learning online provides the flexibility for individuals to study at their own pace and in their own environment, whether that is at home or another suitable place that fits around the student’s life. Academic institutions and professional organisations have conferred that the online distance learning environment results in visible and measurable benefits, not only to the students partaking in such courses, but to the wider community and productivity of the economy, allowing individuals the opportunity to study and forward their career options that may not be available to them under the traditional learning structure of on-site tertiary training. Cornell University went so far as to state that the internet is providing new functionality in broadcasting information to students and enabling forums for exchange, concluding that the internet has revolutionised the ability to deliver education and afforded increased opportunities for learning.

The integration of online technologies with the delivery of educational courses has enabled learning institutions to reach a wider audience than traditionally has been available to them, allowing them to add value not only to their own offerings but to the wider community in form of increasing opportunities for ongoing education. It provides for a student centred approach to learning which allows a personalised pathway to learning that is able to be customised around the individual’s time and work constraints. Distance education meets the demands of students who might otherwise be unable to attend on-campus classes due to distance or time constraints. With the ability to access resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the physical timing across the day of when to study is completely left to the compatibility of the students.

Even though the student may act independently in terms of location, various levels of communication and support is provided for, creating interaction between teachers and other support staff, as well as enabling cooperation and interaction between the students on the course. Knowhere Price increasing evolution of communication technologies such as email, chat rooms and internet based phone calling means that contact between students and the academic institution can easily be maintained. Additionally, without the requirement to leave home or disrupt any work commitments that you may have, the reduced costs of housing and transport while maintaining a regular income provide real and tangible financial benefits to training online.

Whether you want to forward your career in your chosen profession, make a change, or train for the first time, obtaining one of the various qualifications ranging from certificates to degrees, will open up new doors. Completing a qualification via the distance online format shows a potential employer that you have a strong commitment to learning and self achievement….qualities that all employers desire.

Waiariki Institute of Technology – Whare Takiura, Distance Learning Online [http://www.waiariki.ac.nz/] was established as a Community College on 1 April 1978.

Waiariki is passionate about its business. It is non-profit making, but its job is to help others make profits. Waiariki is aiming to be the leading and uniquely bicultural polytechnic in New Zealand. Our role is to enable people to realise their aspirations, their goals and dreams for themselves, their family and their future – a qualification from Waiariki [http://www.waiariki.ac.nz/] is a ticket to their “journey to success”.

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