Do Flat Fee MLS Listings Take Longer to Sell?

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Numerous property merchants who are thinking about posting their property themselves keep thinking about whether their properties will take more time to sell than if they rather decided to sell their properties utilizing the customary Realtor technique.


What amount of time a property requires to sell relies most intensely upon the property’s rundown cost. Second most significant is the specific Realtor (in customary postings) or the specific vender (in level expense MLS postings) and how well they oblige ALL showing demands. Third most significant is the way well the property shows and is promoted, alongside whether a full Buyer’s Agent bonus is being advertised.


For sold properties in 2012, the normal number of days it Sceneca Residence Condo for private properties to sell was:


Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board: 132 days

Land Board of Greater Vancouver: 53

Our Flat Fee MLS Listing organization: 67


The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver is the most smoking housing market in BC, so it would appear to be legit that its days on market is such a great deal less than the Okanagan’s typical number. Our postings will generally be all the more vigorously weighted with postings in the Lower Mainland region, however 36% of its postings in 2012 were from the Okanagan district. Having said that, obviously our level expense MLS postings sell in generally similar time of conventional postings.


The important point here is that the specific market, the property’s rundown value, and being recorded on the MLS® framework is undeniably more remarkable than whether a Realtor is utilized to sell a property versus the dealer. Level charge MLS merchants must offer a full purchaser’s representative bonus to expand the participation from nearby Realtors. It’s assessed that the quantity of Realtor appearances will come around up to 90% relying upon how much the property merchant diminishes the purchaser’s representative bonus that is advertised. In this manner, we in every case unequivocally suggest that in the Lower Mainland a purchaser’s representative bonus of 3.255% on the first $100k and 1.1625% on the rest of offered and in the remainder of British Columbia that 3.5% on the first $100k and 1.5% on the rest of advertised.


We are a financier and individual from the Canadian Real Estate Association. The organization has practical experience in making level expense MLS postings and offering the help and direction to get the property sold. We serve clients situated in the area of British Columbia in Canada.

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