Famous Volcanoes and Lodges in Costa Rica

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The volcanoes of Costa Rica are one of the many tourist attractions that draw thousands of visitors yearly in this tiny yet amazingly beautiful country. It’s also a mystery how a country this size can host three hundred volcanic centers which may be considered active, dormant and extinct.Volcano Hybrid Review & How To - YouTube

Often mistaken for the hills,  Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer the location of these Costa Rica volcanoes and resort is in the northern part of the country. Once we’re near them, we don’t have to limit ourselves by just simply checking out the physical aspect of these volcanoes because more often than not each area has other interesting activities lined up to make your trip worthwhile.

The Arenal volcano in Costa Rica is one of the most active volcanoes in the world yet a spectacular must-see destination for thousands of visitors. Volcano enthusiasts declare the Arenal volcano has the third most perfect volcanic cone in the world. It is by far the youngest yet the most active volcano in Costa Rica considering that it’s 3, 000 years old. There are nights when lava flows from its cone creating an amazing view of its volcanic activity and tourist just love to witness this delightful scene while relaxing in one of the natural hot springs nearby. It had been named many times from Arenal Peak to Rio Frio Volcano then as Pan de Azucar. The Arenal volcano had no record of eruptions or volcanic activity from 1500 AD until 1968.

There are several fun things to do including a wide variety of adventure activities during volcano tours. Including hiking trails, rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, canyoning, zip line and canopy tours, cave tours, hot springs, wildlife viewing and hanging bridges.

Volcano lodge in Costa Rica is a mountain hotel near Arenal surrounded by exotic tropical gardens with an excellent view of the Arenal volcano. This sophisticated lodge also offers swimming pools, open-air Jacuzzis, fine dining and witness a wide variety of species such as congo-monkey, tucans, Oropendolas and Tangaras.

Irazú Volcano National Park and lodging is another most visited national park in Costa Rica. This volcano back in the 1960’s terrorized the residents of Cartago and San Jose with ashes and smoke until recently the only volcanic activity it creates is fumaroles releasing toxic steam. The beautiful blue green lagoon in one of its craters made this volcano one of the must-see volcanoes in Costa Rica. The Irazu also has hiking trails and famous species namely the volcano junco and hummingbird.

Other volcanoes in Costa Rica include the Poas Volcano National Park in Alajuela province. Poas is considered one of the most accessible volcanoes since its located just one hour from the largest and capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose. It is known to have the world’s widest craters. Unlike other active volcanoes, tourist can walk directly to its crater. There’s no danger in this activity since the last major eruption of the Poas volcano was back in the 1950’s. The Poas Volcano National Park also contains hiking trails through cloud forests and tropical rainforest-lowlands.

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