Gold Secrets For World Of Warcraft – Ways For Getting Gold

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World of Warcraft – probably the most popular MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) today. The main reason for its popularity is a large variety of activities in the game. There are so much things that players from all over the world can do in this game. The capabilities are so huge, that the virtual world itself is quite similar to the real world. World of Warcraft offers us to do quests, get better gear for our characters, battle monsters or other players and collect gold. The last thing I mentioned is one of the hardest things for players to do without knowing gold secrets for World of Warcraft. But don’t worry, I am a player myself and I will tell you a few of the most common ways of getting gold for World of Warcraft.


  • Probably the most common way for getting gold is killing monsters. When players kill a monster, they can loot its corpse and get some coins or items. However, the quantity of gold is really small and I don’t thing that this amount of gold is nearly enough even to do crucial things that average player needs to do (learning battle and trade skills, buying mounts and etc.).
  • The other common way for getting gold is doing quests. When players finish a quest, they get rewarded. The reward may include items or gold. The quantity of the reward depends on the quest itself. It grows along with levels of a character. For example, a level 5 character gets 5 bronze coins for Buy wow gold  a reward while a level 70 character gets 10 gold coins. And that is a big difference.
  • The last and, in my opinion, the best common way for collecting gold is selling and buying items in the auction house. This method is called merchanting or auctioneering. Players buy items for a low price and then they sell that item for a high price. This way of getting is quite profitable.


The methods I mentioned before are only going to help to get an average amount of gold. Hopefully you will be able to learn all the skills or even buy a mount. But if you want to have lots of gold to spend on other things, you need to know more gold secrets for World of Warcraft or buy gold for real money. From my personal experience, I think that players would save a lot of money and time if they did the first thing of two I mentioned, which is learning more gold secrets for World of Warcraft.

When i was struggling to get more gold I did some research on the internet and found out about a guide which is called Gold Secrets For World of Warcraft Guide. I read the a lot of reviews of this guide and all of them were positive. I got the guide and I have been getting huge amounts of gold since then.


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