How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lotto

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For most of of us, the chances of winning the major jackpot on Lotto are just a dream. However there are ways to increase our chances of winning Lotto and even going for multiple small prizes which gives us more money to buy more games and hopefully strike that major jackpot.

Winning the lottery comes down to the final numbers and mathematics. While Lotto is a game that has no memory statistics still play a major role within this game. There are so many different methods for increasing our chances of winning lotto but here are a few. Try and pick 2 low numbers from 1-15, 2 medium numbers from 16-30 and 2 high numbers from 31-45 for Australian Lotto games, this may differ for other countries, but basically split your total numbers into 3 separate columns. If you look over past results you will notice that in the long run it will be a range of numbers throughout the game that come up and rarely are they all grouped together for example 1,2,3,4,5,6 is very unlikely to come up, but if you were to take numbers 1,5 and group it with 19,26, and group those with 38,43 you would have a better chance of winning because the numbers are evenly spread out like most results are when they come in.

Another thing to watch on Lotto is the ranges the total six numbers you 파워볼사이트   choose adds up to. A lot of results come in, in the range of 120-150 in total points meaning that you should choose your six numbers based around this so that you are yet again increasing your chances of a win. For more chances to win lotto you should choose around 10-12 total numbers and take 15-20 different combinations of those numbers making sure that they add up to the 120-150 in total points range while also making sure all numbers are spread out.

You can use these methods on Powerball, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday night Lotto in Australia, Oz Lotto again in Australia. I have not purchased an Autopick lotto ticket in years and since following these simple methods I have been winning a lot more than when I was just purchasing my Autopick. The problem I found when I was using an Autopick was that the numbers were often following numbers i.e 19,20,21 which is very uncommon in Lotto.


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