Hunting Knives Key to a Successful Hunt

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Hunting knives have always been a vital part of finishing a hunt. Since the Stone Ages, man has found how importance of a sharp tool to hunting. The styles and  sizes have change over time but the concept is basically the same. A sharp edge the blade of the knife is used to process or prepare the hunted game after a successful hunt.

Knives were used to help prepare the hunters before the hunt. The sharpening of spears, stakes for pits and cutting obstacles out of the way or making a path to an area the hunt want the game to go. Cutting clear line of sight or shooting lane from ones tree stand, ground blind or with your back against the tree trunk or earth bank using a hunting knife is a must to cut them out of your way, even today.

Carrying that hunting knife is easier to do, with the different way that you can pack them with you. Some folding hunting knives have a belt clip into the knife handle. Others have a sheath built specifically for that knife. Most fixed bladed knives come with a sheath that can be fastened to the person’s belt to stay in place and near to the hunt when needed. Even if the knife has its own sheath they can be packed into a fanny pack or backpack that most hunts require to take, to carry other hunting equipment needed for a successful hunt. Items that are needed are Binoculars, flashlights, something to eat or drink if it is an all day hunt and hunting knife, etc are carried with hunter somehow.

What style of hunting knife do I take to a hunt? The size of the knife blade can directly proportionate to the size of the game one hunt. You would not use the hunting knife for Bear or Elk hunting that you would use for Rabbit or Squirrel hunting but, style of the maybe the same.

Clip point blade can be used to skin the game and used for skinning around areas that are need to skin to protect the cape for mounting or tanning. The areas around the eyes, mouth and ears of same game foxes, raccoons and coyotes using the clip point makes this useful. Skinning the rest of the animal can be done using a clip point knife.

Drop point blade is a great skinning style blade for all game if you are not going to skin around the head area that need extra care if you are going to save the cape of the animal. Better to use for field dressing the game but care still needs to be used when you are preparing the carcass when taking the internal organs out of the animal.

Specialty blades Gut Hook blade is a great tool when field dress large game. This style blade helps insure that you do not cut into the intestines and release toxins from the stomach on to the meat you are prepping to eat. Both the Clip point and the Drop point blades can be used in this part of the field dressing process but greater care when doing so is needed.

Pick up that style and size of Hunting Knife that will fit your personal needs, good hunting and you will have a Successful Hunt.


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