Mace Pepper Spray Gun

Mace Pepper Spray Guns – Fast and Reliable Defence for Everyone Mace pepper spray guns are effective self defence tools that are commonly favored by those who feel uncomfortable using force to defend themselves. These tools have a long history of use by law enforcement officials and hunters throughout the world.  If a mace pepper spray gun can thwart a dangerous criminal or stop a hungry bear, wouldn’t you feel safer walking at night with one? Once hit by a shot of mace pepper spray, a would-be attacker will think twice about trying to Lost Mary approach their victim again, giving you time to escape. Quite simply, mace pepper spray is one of the most effective self-defence products on the market today.

  Why are Mace Pepper Spray Guns a Popular Self Defence Tool? A mace pepper spray gun meets the two most common requirements of most people looking to defend themselves – that the tool be easy to use and that it be effective.  Mace pepper spray guns require no physical strength or experience in hand to hand combat. This means that with their ease of use, a Mace Pepper Spray Gun will protect someone even against an attacker who is much stronger or carrying a weapon.  Mace pepper spray guns are also popular because they are effective. The spray creates an involuntary response in the attacker which leaves them unable to function and allows the victim to establish further control or escape. Moreover, mace pepper spray guns allow those who feel threatened to defend themselves at a distance – stopping a dangerous situation before they are harmed in any way.

  What is the Difference Between Mace Pepper Spray and Tear Gas? Mace pepper spray and tear gas are two different products that work with the same objective in mind – stop the perpetrator in their tracks and prevent them from causing any harm.  Tear gas is comprised of man-made chemicals that have been specially designed to irritate membranes on the body. This means that when someone comes in contact with tear gas their eyes, nose, throat, and lung tissue have a strong response. In addition to physical discomfort, these chemicals also cause the eyes to produce excessive amounts of tears which leaves the perpetrator unable to see where they are going, forcing them to stop their dangerous or illegal activity without causing any major harm. Pepper spray has the same objective, but works in a different way.

 Unlike tear gas which relies on a pain response (the attacker must be able to feel pain and must be distracted by it for tear gas to work), pepper spray works on those who are immune to pain. This makes mace pepper spray an effective tool when facing wild animals, dangerous psychotics, and those whose brains have been altered by alcohol or drugs.  The most significant difference, however, is that mace pepper spray is safe for the sprayer and innocent bystanders because it does not emit dangerous fumes the way that tear gas does. Because mace pepper spray is released in a steady stream it only affects the attacker at whom it has been sprayed. This also means that mace pepper spray works faster and has stronger results.

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