Make Money Writing – 4 Easy Ways to Make Money Writing Articles

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Here’s a quick list of 4 easy ways to make money writing short articles for the internet.

Create a Series of Articles based upon a niche. Keep the articles short between 250 – 300 words, put them together in a package and sell from your website through PayPal (must have a free PayPal account and a website to do this).

Sign Up With and after they review your writing, they will classify your “writing” ability. This rating will give you the ability to do jobs within the rating spectrum. The higher your rating, the more you get paid per article. You select the jobs you are interested in, do the writing, submit it and if the purchaser likes the article, they will accept it and payment goes into your account, which you can then request payment in the form of a check or deposit to your PayPal account.

Sign up with and offer your freelance writing services on Elance. The pay isn’t great, but it’s a good way to get your writing feet wet on the Internet.

Sign up for – write topical articles and get paid a share of the advertisements on the page (providing you have signed up with Google AdSense, Amazon, etc.) when someone clicks through from your page.

All of these are easy and great ways to reddit essay writing service make money writing short articles for the internet. You won’t make millions, but with practice and massive action, you can start to bring in some decent money.

BUT there is a better way to make money writing short articles for the internet.

Article Marketing This is where you set up an affiliate product review on one of the many free sites, or maybe you have your own digital product you are selling online. Write up to ten articles using relevant keyword phrases and submit them to free article directories.

If you’ve targeted your articles to a hungry crowd, within a few days you should start to see click-throughs to the seller’s page, and eventually sales. A good rule of thumb is one sale for every hundred click-throughs.


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