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Don’t make the mistake of using spreadsheets to manage your event anymore. You may wonder why you not use spreadsheets when the concept of using them is common amongst most event managers. The answer is simple: spreadsheets might cost less and can function efficiently if you are organizing small-scale events, but if you are gradually moving into the league organizing big events on a large scale, then the idea of using spreadsheets is extremely impractical.

You have to manage the registration process smoothly – this is the initial step towards planning an event of any size. If you can’t provide a convenient and easy method of registration to your attendees, then there is a high chance of your numbers dropping drastically. Nowadays no one has the time to go to the registration venue, stand in line, collect the form, fill it out, and make the payment manually. The best way to manage the entire procedure is to take the help of technology, i.e. buy an online registration software.

You can create and customize the forms according to your requirements. By using eye-catching colors and designs or by including the company logo in the forms, you can draw the attention of registrants. Keep the form simple – additional information that will not be of any use so can be done away with. Attendees will not like to spend more than 10 minutes (maximum) to fill out a form, so ensure that your form does not span over 5-6 pages with numerous fields in them.

Another way to boost attendance is to offer the option of group registrations. If one company is sending 10 people, online payment software then they will just need to fill out one form, rather than each individual filling out individual forms. With the help of this software, users can also register for multiple events at once. For foreign guests, you can include a translator tool using which they can translate the form into their own language. Not only will you save hugely because you don’t need to get paper forms printed, but you don’t need to mail forms to out of station guests as well!

Offer the attendees with multiple and flexible modes of payment. This will be beneficial for both parties. Once they make the payment, it will be automatically processed. You will be notified of a fresh registration each time a processing occurs. You can access the details of each transaction as and when you require. Automatic follow-up emails will be sent to registrants confirming about the processing of their payment and also notifying them of their registration being confirmed.

Don’t hesitate in making the transition to an online registration software – it will reduce your workload and also help you to streamline the tasks in a better way. The more organized you are, the better you will be able to manage events.

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