Property For Sale – Turkey An Upcoming Market

As it became a candidate to enter the European Union in 1992, many reforms were necessary in Turkey, including economic, legal and, not least, human rights reforms. Much progress has since been made, including the abolition of the death penalty in 2002. However membership of the EU is still not assured, and there are still several issues to be addressed.

One important issue still giving widespread concern is the risk of country-wide Islamic militancy. However in a fundamentally secular state since its founding in 1923, with the guiding principles of enlightenment and rationalism, such a risk is somewhat unlikely to become a reality.

Property prices throughout Europe have been showing steady long-term gains, particularly those in the new member states, and there is no reason not to believe that property prices in Turkey, once it becomes a member of the Union, will not follow suit.

So if you have ever considered investing in Turkish property, now is a very good time. Particularly well worth considering are well-situated properties in the major cities. Those in Istanbul should be given high consideration. Prices are soon likely to follow those in the major cities of other new member states. That is to say, ever upwards!

In summary, whilst one can not deny that Turkey still has a lot of progress to make before being accepted into the European Union, one thing is almost certain – the day will come, sooner or later, when  property for sale in turkey Turkey does become a full member. So it is important to get in early while prices are still attractive and all the best deals have been snapped up.

Turkey is also starting to attract serious business investors, with many multi-nationals having already set up there. This in turn has increased demand for rental property, particularly in the larger cities. Furthermore, low-cost airlines are also opening up the country. In fact Istanbul is only a short flight away from many European capital cities.

Turkey also possesses some incredible coastal resorts with long, wide sandy beaches, running all along the west and southern coasts. When considering investment, tourism should also never be far from the horizon. And Turkey has been a tourist destination for many years already.

There is much to attract the tourist in Turkey, from the mountainous ancient Anatolia in the East, to the historical sites and sandy beaches in the West, and everything in between. From the natural white marble candy-floss pools of Pammukale, to the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, not forgetting the sandy beaches of Antalya in the South… Turkey has something for everyone.

One often overlooked feature of Turkish life and culture is delicious Turkish cuisine. No visitor to Turkey is likely to forget the high quality cooking, particularly the rich succulent meat and vegetable dishes, followed by the tasty little sweet deserts. All of coursed washed down by Turkish coffee or tea, brewed exactly as you like it. So not only is Turkey the upcoming European center for property investment, but also a veritable treasure chest of rich cultural heritage.



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