Real Hair Wigs Vs Synthetic Wigs – Which Is Best?

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If you’re one of the thousands of people who need to wear a wig, you will probably want the most natural-looking hair piece available. Something that looks and acts like your natural hair would be perfect, wouldn’t it? But is this possible? We think the answer is yes. In terms of ready-to-wear wigs made from synthetic hair, there are literally bob cut wig thousands of styles and colours from which to choose. When it comes to human hair wigs, you can decide on the style and colour – it is natural hair after all and can be treated exactly that way.

However, one of the most common questions is which type of hair to go with – real hair or synthetic? Is one better than the other? We think we can help you answer that question.

A common misconception is that real hair will look ‘better’ or more natural than synthetic hair. The truth is synthetic hair is now developed in such a way that it acts and looks just like real hair. As long as it is washed and dried according to the manufacturer’s instructions, a synthetic wig can last a surprisingly long time. Synthetic wigs also come in a choice of base materials – including a lace front or a monofilament top (a breathable gauze-like fabric). So if you’re choosing a wig, consider your skin’s sensitivity. A ready-to-wear wig with a lace base might be easier to control for some wearers and it will be lighter in weight than a real hair monofilament wig.

Ladies wigs now come in such a wide range of styles and colours that there is little difference between synthetic and human hair wigs, at least in terms of aesthetic appearance. One benefit of a real hair wig however is the flexibility of styling. If you’re the sort of person who likes to experiment with your hair and wear pony-tails, plaits or curls, then really, the real hair one is definitely the type for you. Ready-to-wear synthetic wigs tend to ‘hold’ a certain style – great if you want to look good without much effort or variety.

Nowadays, some real hair wigs are made from 100% European hair – pure, silky, soft hair that meets the highest quality standards. Others are made using tangle-free, processed hair – handy for long styles and easy to maintain. So when it comes to answering the question: is synthetic or real hair better – we say neither: both have benefits that will suit you as an individual.


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