The Future of Biometrics – No Less Than Magic!

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Imagine a world where remembering passwords and consistently worrying about thefts will become obsolete. Seems a little good to be true? Well you are officially entering a world where security will attain new heights. This is the world of Biometric Technology.

What is it?

Biometric technology is an authentication control de acceso biometrico system that monitors a human’s physical and biological features for security. Traits like fingerprint, heartbeat, facial and iris recognitions come under this technology. You can access a bunch of services with just a simple scan.

Why is it important?

Biometric security system has managed to eradicate a lot of problems ranging from password to identity thefts. A lot of things can now be done which were earlier huge or impossible to handle like attendance management, personnel management, border security etc.

What can we expect in the future?

Judging by the progress being made in the field of biometrics, it seems that there is going to be a big demand for biometric services as its features will impress people.

The most interesting aspect of this is the adoption of this technology by many government agencies for national security measures.

Here are some of the biometric features that will amaze you in the future:

Organizational Security

Government and corporate buildings are installing this technology. You will see features like facial biometrics, eye scanning, and body scanning cameras. It saves a bunch of time and helps in identifying an alert as fast as possible.


Use of biometrics in mobiles and applications for government, health and banking (eServices) will be a major showcase. Through mobile scanning systems, authentication can be brought to this field.

Biometrics will be equal to Brain Power

The technology can accurately monitor a person’s heartbeat, muscle movements and voice modulations. And on top of that it can scrutinize your fingerprints, retina, and facial codes. This function can take a hit on hackers.

Online Issues

A majority of our online issues will be solved like password hacks, website hacks and credit card frauds.

Advances in Behavioral-based Biometrics.

Biometrics is developing to new levels as behavioral-based biometrics like finger writing analysis, individual’s interaction with computers, typing speeds and writing rhythms are introduced.

West Point in USA is working on an algorithm which will capture these traits to create a unique print literally impossible to crack.

Public Security Biometrics

It will be installed in public places like airports, metros, bus terminals and border crossings to scan large number of people in a short span of time helping in faster transport and identifying a red alert.

An example of this is ‘Nexus’ which is in use in the Canadian and American borders.

It is fair to say that we are about to enter a phase of Biometric Securitization. National and domestic defenses will be difficult to break. Waiting for this technology to develop is all we can do now as the future holds promise.

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