What Do Women Want From Men – Give Them What They REALLY Want So You Can Date Them and Get Laid

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What do women want from men, really? Her head says NO and her wet pussy says yes. Which will win?

“Men are just stupid and naive when it comes to knowing what women want when it comes to dating or sex.”

Of all the things in the world that we know, it is amazing that so few people actually know the true answer to this simple question – what do women really want in men?

You would imagine they want to be with rich, famous, good-looking, popular, fashionable men. Some women say they want expressive, athletic, sensitive, emotionally available, reliable, committed men.

What do you think is true? I bet – actually I know – that you are clueless.

Everybody wants somebody. Millions of people are looking for mates every day. People you know are looking. You may be looking. Yet everyone is clueless. I am sure you think you know the answer and I can say with certainty that women are sure they know the answer. Everyone can rationalize out an answer that makes sense but it’s bullshit. That is exactly where the problem lies, rationalizing the answer. Women try to rationalize about what they want from men or in a man. They use their head to do this. They survey media, friends and their hearts and think they know what they want on a conscious level. “I want rich men. I want funny men. I want powerful men. I want hot looking men.” All bullshit because they all come from the rational mind. Let me be very, very clear on this point. This is the key to success with women:

“What women want from men isn’t based on conscious thought. So much for the media, their friends and their hearts. Their bodies are not even listening to all that noise up in their heads.”

Make sure you take this in. It is NOT about what women think they want. It’s not about conscious thought.

By the way, if women don’t really know what they want from men, you don’t have to feel so bad about being clueless!

So what this all means is that their bodies are not even listening to all the noise, the magazines, the internet advice, the movies, their friends, the books, the tabloids – none of it.

“Their bodies ARE listening to that ancient, instinctual, intuitive part of them that resides in the all powerful subconscious. The SUBCONSCIOUS knows what women REALLY want from men!”

The subconscious mind controls all of our major pussy888 https://pussy888.org/ decisions in life. It controls our body and actions. It controls the electrical impulses that make the heart beat. It controls the glands and hormones that create attraction.

Her mind and friends are saying one thing while her hormones and nerve endings are saying something else. She looks at you and thinks, “he’s OK but probably not my type and her friend says no he’s an asshole or an idiot and you can do better but all the while her hormones and nerves and body are saying YES, I want that man.

“In other words her head says NO but her wet pussy says YES and the wet pussy will win every time.”

So now you want to know how to get to her subconscious. That’s the easy part, but it’s the part that no one talks about, because it seems politically incorrect.

“Just be overly cocky and self-assured and you will instantly start to appeal to the part of her that gets her wet.”

At their ancient core, women just want to survive and want their children to survive. Being cocky and self-assured sends the signal that you are the man to do that for her.

I have hours and hours of information and years of field testing with thousands of students to prove it. Stay in touch and I will teach you the answers to what do women want from men, really and in great detail. For now, be cocky.

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