Why Local SEO Should be a Priority For Your Business

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Search engine optimisation, or SEO, has become one of the most important parts of building and managing a website. It is vital to help your brand get seen in the countless search results on Google. Good SEO will help to bring your site to the SEO backlinks top of the results page where users can see it.

Here is a little more about what local SEO really is and its key benefits. Finally, we cover how to make it a priority in your digital marketing efforts.Local search engine optimisation involves a series of strategies that can help bring your website to the top of the search results, but specifically for searches made nearby.For example, imagine someone searches for a cafe, while in Bondi Junction. Google will automatically only show them cafes that are within a kilometre or two of their current location. Google will ignore cafes in the Sydney CBD, even if cafe websites in the CBD are much better optimised.

Google knows that even without ‘near me’ in the search term, people will generally look for certain businesses locally online. Common examples include cafes and bars, pharmacies and supermarkets, retailers, hairdressers and even pest removalists.Local SEO is therefore best for any business that generally operates in a certain area. For example, any business that has a brick-and-mortar location that clients will visit, can do well with local SEO. This can also include any businesses that work within an area, such as plumbers, painters, and electricians.

With local SEO, your competitors are not similar businesses across Australia, but rather similar businesses within your local area. This could be as small as a suburb for businesses such as a cafe or bar. Or, it could be as wide as a whole city such as a specialist dentist or a tradesperson.Local SEO has grown rapidly as more people use Google to find local businesses. According to Google, searches including the term ‘near me’ have grown 150% faster than searches without it.

Some businesses will focus solely on local SEO, whereas others might prefer to work on both general and local SEO. For example, a retail business that serves local customers but also ships nationwide.The benefits of improving your local SEO are both wide ranging and highly influential. Each component is an excellent reason why efforts in this area should be a top priority for your digital marketing.

Firstly, four out of five local searches convert. This famous study found that the vast majority of local searches resulted in a sale, often within a few hours. It is rare to see such high conversion numbers in digital marketing, making local SEO a lucrative endeavour for businesses.

Another great benefit to consider with local SEO methods is that they are organic based and therefore unpaid. This makes it a very affordable form of advertising. While you may put time, effort, and investment into doing local SEO, it is unlike Google AdWords and not something you pay for directly. Any conversions can therefore offer an excellent return on investment.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of local SEO is that it can earn a place in Google’s ‘Map Pack’. The Map Pack is the set of three businesses that are highlighted at the top of a local search results page. These three listings also offer extra information such as reviews, star ratings and contact information. They are also shown on a mini map of the area.

It has been estimated that as much as 44% of clicks will go to one of these three highlighted businesses. The only way to earn such a desirable spot in the Map Pack is to do local SEO successfully and exceptionally well.The best way to prioritise local SEO is to focus on the main pillars of local SEO. They are; proximity, prominence, and relevance.

Proximity simply refers to how close the person is to your business when they are searching for you. There is not much you can do to improve this pillar, aside from ensuring your business details are correct everywhere. Check your Google listing, website, social media and any other online directories. The details across these areas need to be consistent. Making sure that your name, address, phone number details, or NAP all match. They must be accurate everywhere to ensure Google is confident that it has the correct details to share with users.

Prominence is essentially your popularity online. A large part of prominence is your Google reviews. Reviews tell Google how often people rate your brand, and how highly they value it with good ratings. Therefore, a good local SEO strategy will involve asking happy customers to review you online. You can do this by adding a link to the review page in your email marketing or on social media. Prominence also involves how active and engaged your social media profiles are, so always make sure these links are on the business website.

Relevance is the most similar to traditional SEO. This is where your website will rank well if it best matches the search query. For example, imagine a hardware store website with well written content about which tools are right for which jobs. They might rank well for a search asking about which tool to use to hang up picture frames. To improve your relevance, create regular, high-quality content for your website. Make sure this content includes your primary search terms and provides value to your potential customers.

By covering these three pillars successfully, any business can improve their local SEO and work their way up the Google rankings. Keep in mind, changing the rankings is a gradual climb, and can take months of dedicated work and effort to see real results. If you don’t have the time or interest to do the work, there are always local SEO Sydney expertswho can help. Get in touch to learn more.

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